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Hacking of my facebook groups by giving a link

Dear Sir, Myself Harshvardhan Trivedi resident of Kanpur,U.P.,India. Sir, someone with an facebook id Avinash Chaudhary has hacked and changed my facebook groups. I do not know what to do. I got information from internet to contact and inform you. Sir, this person contacted me on my cell 7786821538 through his number 8533805180 and requested me to allow his marketing posts which will be as per the theme of my facebook groups namely inspiration,meditation. He wanted this as there are a number of people more than 8 lacs in these groups. I thought to support and hence said,ok. He then gave me a link ( telling that by clicking this link i will be able to add his friends because only an admin of the group can do that. Simultaneously, he gave me a friend request on facebook. I accepted the request and clicked on the link but after some time all the titles of major groups were being changed and me and moderators were out of the group. my facebook id is Regards, Harshvardhan Trivedi
  Complainant : Harshvardhan Trivedi   Complaint Category : Social Profile Hacking   Complaint Date : 2017-12-11 12:12:33

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