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Copyright Infringement Complaints

someone whom my sister dont know is messaging everyone with my sisters picture on his/her whatsapp profile picture and the phone number is unknown and we have warned him to remove the picture but he/she is not listening to us so please help....
CIENT PERIODQUE PVT LTD web site is publishing pirated journals and collecting membership fee from public. request you to do inquiry and take necessary action.. Thank you
A person contacted me on facebook and said he wanted to publish ads on my page. Then he told me to make a business manager account and then I accepted a request which came and then I was removed as admin. HIs email- His facebook profile link-
User name :-Pranil jindal is using all my photos from ( view ) as his on his instagram handel and claiming it to be real. Please block this id from Instagram and take some action against it. I tired to ask Him on Instagram direct message to do but He ignored it completely. Hoping for an early response to this Thank you
PLESE sir hlp me..
My sister is in Raigarh Chhattisgarh on her friends WhatsApp group my picture came by her friend
Dear Sir Some uploading my youtube videos without my permission the link of videos uploaded in facebook 1) 1) 2) videos link from my youtube channel as below:- 1) 2)
Without permission they have taken photo from facebook and used for different purpose and shared it in social media. Please help to take action
I had published a book 2 months back and recently i found that my material was being copied by the publisher without my consent and was being sold in the market. I contacted him and raised my objection but he has unheard my i want to register a complaint.

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