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Credit Card Fraud Complaints

Hi Sir / madam, Amount debited from my credit card account without my knowledge.
On 2nd june 2018 i had received a call from +91-9990620799 stating that they are calling from HDFC bank credit card division. They informed me that my credit card is being updated and asked me to authenticate my card and my identity. they asked my credit card number and other card related details when i refused to give they we kept on insisting on the same and kept of telling me that im on a recorded line and its a process and they need it for validation. they first did a transaction of 1rs and told its processing fee and after that they did a transaction of 9601 rs. when i asked them that why have to initiated the transaction they told me its a blocking amount and it will be refunded to me. I called up the bank and i was informed that i have been a victim if a fraud. The person called me back and assured me to refund the money and initiated an transaction of 8110 rs stating that its a refund process. i have bought all this to the banks notice and blocked my card. I would like to know what legal action can be done towards them and if i can get my money back. Also my bank had asked me to file a complaint with you. Kindly help me
My self abdesh Kumar Verma I am having my ATM at home at badlapur and amount withdrawn from Palm beach road CBD belapur
Fraudulent Transaction using credit cardI have received call from Mobile – 09873850225 & 09540314737 on 15th Jun 2018 from a lady, she introduced a scheme of pay back and told me that I will received INR 8500/- as a credit in my credit balance. I am using State Bank credit card and she got all my address and card details along with CVV number so I trusted her and share OTP number but they have used my card for INR 11,999/- at merchant shops and offer. I have tried to reach out this number but it was switch offer. Since last 15th Jun 2018 I am tried to contact this number but no one is picking up call and it gets switch off than after as per true caller it is pertains to Delhi. i believed that it was authorized call and shared otp, an amount 11,999/- has been used from my account and a product was purchased on 15-06-2018 time – 03:00pm to 5:00 pm. via is 11,999/- . Same day at night I Have checked with bank and they have confirmed that there is no such schemes it was fraud. i realized this and blocked my card immediately. I already Lodge a complaint to cyber crime department in Raipur Civil Line (Chhattisgarh) my mobile number is 9301997887, fraudulent call mobile number is 09873850225 & 09540314737 & 0783821662- my sbi card details is 4726427586971533, Transaction Amount : RS. 11999/-, Transaction date - 15/06/2018 & Transaction no. – 3054609301(Provided is SBI Credit Card Customer Care On date 20-06-2018) Not sure how the person was able to pick all those information from SBI, anyways this is a security breach or data leakage from SBI, such things should be taken serious action to prohibit them in future. This is a very serious concern, could you please help me in this issue and get my money back.
For the above subject am informing you that I am having Credit card from State bank Of India the card no is 4207 3991 0910 7267 in my name Jagadish K N. Now I informing you that unknown transaction in my card Dated : 25-05-2018 to 29-05-2018 nearly 1,09,355/- rupees the unknown persons or unknown agencies in New Delhi and Mumbai location. We are talking to customer care they are not responding properly. I doughted that the people from State Bank of India are also involving in this crime. please investigate and help to me I blocked the credit card 04-06-2018 but the SBI people are send new card but i never applied for new card and also am not the customer of SBI bank but they forcely gave the credit card please investigate and help to me. Regards : Mr. Jagadish K N Mob : 9916838154
the same as subject, guy came into contact via email and making false statements to catfish me.
While I was at work I got 4 messages of my Citibank Credit Card ending with 3313 compromised and transactions being made to "Hevrat Hashmal Mahoz. FX". Three transactions were made on my credit card of some different currency (ILS) for amount of 1981.15 ILS, 2005.46 ILS & 1009.45 ILS. I have called Citibank and the card has been blocked however I am filing this as a case to be further investigated and I can be reached on my mobile for any queries. Looking forward for your support.
Sir, I am bearer of SBI bank Credit Card number 420****1***7***0 month of 18/ June/2018. Yesterday at 5.05 pm when I was busy at my work, Call received from this Number ( 9874355256 ) I got an SMS alert on my mobile phone number from SBI bank Credit card RS 9999. is Debited from my SBI Bank Credit Card. Tell me what i do Sir please do the needful Ranjeet Singh 9873283084
9667725465 i received call from this number for sharingthe reward points details but they used my credit card and pin number they debited Rs 7400 in my account credit cards plz do something. Currently i have blocked my SBI Card No:4726427755094695
Today, 14/06/2018 at 09.48PM my Citi Bank credit card has been hacked and 334.68USD was spent at BACKPACK STREET. I have blocked my credit card as soon as I noticed the message from citi bank about above transaction. The card is misused for online transaction. Please help me to resolve this.

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