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Net Extortion Complaints

Dear team, My instagram profile is ramya adusumilli. I am receiving abusive messages from unknown profile named love.couples ( loveadhec). Not only me my brother also receiving abusive messages from same profile. Those messages are so demeaning and uncalled for. So please stop the profile and the person who is behind this should punished for these unnecessary actions. Thank you
I guy send an ad for selling his coc account and betrayed or website are increases in porngraphy.I was also were its addicted and my life become like hell now.please research and delete this site as soon as possible.
I was contacted via e-mail by a person with the name of Staphen Smith. His e-mail is He showed me a video on Youtube claiming to own a forex robot making up to 2000% per week. He said that he would show me the same results or give me my money back. The price we agreed was $550. That is where the first problem came. On the day when I made the payment he said that I must send the money to a Neteller account of a person using the e-mail We agreed that I would pay $300 and he would send the robot files. He then sent the files but didnt want to give the password until I sent the rest of the money. Eventually I agreed to send the remaining $250. He then said that the price increased and I had to pay $600. After many e-mails back and forth he said I must just pay $250 and that he would send me the files. When I received the files it was nowhere near the same forex robot and even had different name. He assured me that it was the same robot. I proceeded to fund an account with a forex broker and he assured me of good profits. The robot ended up blowing the account and all the funds in 2 days. When I demanded my money back, he just started ignoring me. I posted on his Youtube channel about his scamming ways, but he didnt seem to care. I believe that he may be part of an organized crime syndicate thinking up scams like these to trap unsuspecting people out of their money. Ip addresses connected to this e-mail indicate that the person is probably in India. Please investigate this further.
Sir I need your help..... Main bhot pareshan hun
A person Called from 9563406159 on my number 9971933100 being used by my wife Jolly Choudhary. I talked to the person who was wanting ATM and Adhar details and disconnected the call after I started cross verifying
Respected sir, I have been a fraud of online consultancy Advance opportunity . they promised me to get recruited at kohinoor hospital Mumbai. For this they extorted 7, 890 rs. From me. They had told me that this amount is refundable within 15-21 working days. They also told me to do payment only through apps like BHIM or TEZ. I made the first payment on Oct 11th 2017 of rs. 2290. And other payment of rs. 5600 on October 12th 2017. Via tez app. I have the mails saved and screenshots of online payment with me. Their account is in Lakshmi vilas bank 0504360000001620 Their contact numbers are: 9911102504 9990015981 When I confirmed with HR of kohinoor hospital Mumbai I realised I have been thugged. Please take appropriate actions and help me. Thank you
my mobile vivo s5 it is not good please let me see what happens when
Hi I have been attacked by cerber ransomware and all my files have been encrypted . please suggest any resolutuin.
My headband parmanand. Pandey. Was die on12april2017 but someone using my headband Facebook id. Please try to take action as soon as posible.

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