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Phishing Complaints

I have sent you the receipt of depositing the money n the message that i got in your service email
A person is calling from phone saying that your bank account is blocked . And he is asking atm no. And aadhar card His no. Is 9546175003. Kindly take necessary action.
I got a call from a person called Abhishek Tyagi (mobile no 9250001135) at 3.56 pm on 28 July 2017. He said he was from a credit card company, back end for HDFC, SBI, ICICI. I had been shortlisted for a discount card which entitled me to 20% discount on all purchases. Further I would get 2 holidays free (3 Day/2 night) , anywhere in India - I had to pay a small sum of 8,500 for the card - out of which there was cash back of 6,000. I told him thanks but I was not interested. He got wild - saying I had been selected I could not refuse. when i started asking him details of which card company , which office, he got abusive. He said he made a living out of fixing several people daily - he had my details - he would fix me!
I am an existing Reliance customer and have been using a pre-paid connection since 2008/2009. I got an SMS on May 25 from reliance regarding some post-paid plans and I was excited to take the benefits of those plans. So I visited the website link ( provided in the SMS. The website hosted 3 post-paid plans: 499, 399 and 249. There was no option where I could submit a request to upgrade from pre-paid to a post-paid connection. Because of that I filled up the contact us form and waited for a response from Reliance on May 27 or May 28. The very next day I received an SMS from +91-9025185372 that is on May 29, 2017. The message talked about the same plan (399) as hosted on Reliance website ( and had a phone number to call to order which was 9289890001. I then made a phone call to the number 9289890001 on May 30, 2017 and spoke to a person (male representative) who said he is from Reliance. I told him that I want to switch from pre-paid to a post-paid connection. He gave me a brief about all the plans (499, 399, 249) and we both agreed to switch over to the 399 plan which offered 15 GB data per month with unlimited local/STD calls and SMS. I queried that since I already own a pre-paid connection what all documents will be required to carry out this activity. He asked me to provide a: Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, Passport size photograph. Initially he said he will send someone to pick the documents from my place. But when I told him that I am an existing customer he asked me to WhatsApp all the documents and asked me to Paytm 300 rupees as refundable security deposit. He also provided a number where he wanted me to WhatsApp all the documents and transfer 300 rupees to the same number. The number was 9555147555. I shared a soft copy of my Pan Card, Passport and a passport size photograph to this number on the same day that is on May 30, 2017. I also confirmed if any another document is required and he said the ones I have provided will suffice. The next day (May 31, 2017) after providing him the documents I got a phone call from another number 8882805085. This time it was a lady. She initiated the call stating that she is calling from Reliance and asked me to Paytm 300 rupees to the same number 9555147555 which the male representative provided. I aggressively transferred 300 rupees the same day. I was assured that nothing is pending from my side and that it will take around 7 days to switch the connection to post-paid with 399 plan. From that day (May 31 2017) I have been chasing, calling all phone numbers that I have provided here but nobody is responding to me. There were occasions I called up 9555147555, 9289890001 for status update and the person on the other side picked up the phone and said he will provide an update soon. But as soon as I started calling these numbers back, even from my secondary number, to further get clarity but nobody is answering my phone calls. The phone number 8882805085 from which the lady representative called is always switched off. I would sincerely request you to please investigate this and help me first get refund of the security deposit which is 300 rupees. Also help me make sure the documents I had shared with these people are safe and are not used for any other purpose.
Hi my email has been loaded with messages from people claiming that i have won certain amounts of dollars or euros in a lottery and for claiming it they require my account details which i find very suspicious. so i just want to report against them.
All job seekers: Balaji cyber solution, fraud company Don't lose money and time for this company because, this company is fraud!!! I just want to say about balaji cyber solution is a fraud company it provides the work from home and take 3000 as registration fees and say that you have to complete 400 pages in m s word. by mistake i registered here and invest 3000 rs after 15 days when i submitted the data they ask that mam, Your work is incomplete you have done only 309 pages, when i called them the person called himself arun (07895154417, 9210234077, 08791135788) started giving me excuses... they are lying really i knew now they are big cheater on the name of work form home.

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