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Pornography Complaints

I request you to please remove and arrest the boy who is damaging my reputation by uploading fake videos of mine in Goolge I have done FRI also in the nearest police station but not yet they have started their investigation I am worried that again if something wrong happens to me what will I do
I meet a person who claims to be a hr n will provide job this is his no +919999261182 i have proof also can u check the matter
Respected Sir; with due respect I would kindly like to state that I had been in a relationship with a boy called Rakesh Nayak for 5 years and we were about to get married. But due to some reason I called off this relation 7/8 months ago! But to my surprise just a few days ago I found out one video of me on a porn site. I want to complain and want him to get punished.. kindly advise what should be done sir.
A person name sahil solanki in insta is blackmailing me for weeks that if i dont do his work he will post my sis nudes.. i am very scared nd i dont want my sis to know it.. so pls help me to find this guy i dont know who is he i just know that his username on Instagram is sahil.solanki123
One of the disputed photograph of Child Pornography was circulated on WhatsApp group ‘Charan niwas’ and there it was asked to send a blurred photograph on my friend’s messenger (account in name of ‘Pankaj Choudhary’) who actually sent the photograph on that WhatsApp group. When I and two of my other friends who were on that group sent that photograph to my friend’s messenger account named as ‘Pankaj Choudhary’, we found that Facebook had blocked our ID for 72 hours, as the sent blurred photograph involved certain certain sexual abuse upon further searching on Google we found was of Child Pornography. First of all, the blocking of Facebbok ID and Facebook Messenger is causing immense inconvenience to all three us despite of the fact that we intentionally never did any such thing rather forwarded the photograph, that too not clear, simply as a part of task given by a friend, and Secondly, it is indeed joke and viraling of Child Pornography whose spreading on social media is a serious Cyber crime. Not only did ‘Pankaj Choudhary’ spread that on WhatsApp group comprising of over 15 memebers but also provoked them to send it to his messenger and thus, spreading it on Facebook too. So, I file my complaint as a Victim of Facebook ID blocking due to mischievous action of Pankaj Choudhary.
My ex is blackmailing me In this link my girl friend photo was leaked Kindly delete it in entire twitter
Respected sir/mam A boy named binod chettri on facebook often haresses me and asks me to send my naked pictures to him. He says that if I will say no to him, he would destroy me and family by making fake pornography movies on mine. Am very scared plz help me
hello, someone is sending porn in whatsapp groups and with my old idea mob. no. 9540103829. now, which is no not my and it is saved with my name in others phones . people thinking i am sending it please help please!
Respected Sir, unknown person keep sending an abusive vulgar message through facebook messenger to me and My wife . I filed a report to local police station they asked me to visit to cyber crime.I went there they asked me to send your complain through speed post to nearest post office I also did the same thing but I did not get a resolution. I went cyber crime office Ahmedabad, It seems that if we are middle class people if we do not have money we can not do anything.

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