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Website Hacking Complaints

Someone having Mobile No 8059073703 has posted some non sense & abusing massage for my wife Poonam Sharma & some others on whatsapp Group. This massage has been circulated widely & becoming viral, Please arrange to find out the source of this massage, Please also arrange to arrest this person for this type of fake & cheap massage. Please do the needful at the earliest. Thanks & Regards Girijesh kumar sharma 9811295172
Dear Cyber cell team, This is regarding my sister mobile number (9569877317). Some person send abusive text in local language from different international numbers of different countries. Can you people please help us to get out from this number which recently used by him is +15873205286. With Regards, Shobhit 9464306697
Dear Cyber cell team, This is regarding my sister mobile number (9569877317). Some person send abusive text in local language from different international numbers of different countries. Can you people please help us to get out from this number which recently used by him is +15873205286. With Regards, Shobhit 9464306697
I was part of a Whatsapp group called "Doveton Corrie" whose admin is "Ajay Bahety" (Phone Number: +919841573922). I left that group as it was in favour of the atrocities being commited on the minority religions like Christians and Muslims in India. I was disgusted and left that group. Within a few hours I received a HATE email from one of the menbers of that Whatsapp group calling me a PAKI lover and hate monger and abusing me and my parents (especially my mom) coz I was not supporting their racist/facist ideologies. The email came from an anonymous name. But I along with a couple of friends managed to trace the IP Address and the Telephone number associated with that email and were successful to get hold of the culprit. His name is "AZAGHU SADAGOPAN". His phone number is +1 (973) 229-1559. I have all the screen shots of the emial and the details of this person. I humbly request you to punish this vile human being who has caused me and my family soo much grief
Respected Sir/Madam, I am the frequent user of Instagram and its member since long time. But recently one guy with Instagram ID "aman_dhillon69" is sending me abusive messages. I have never ever interacted with this guy but he is sending very bad and insane messages. Would request to take appropriate actions against this guy as many other girls might be victim of such bad person. Regards, Nilam
Sir, Mr. Kumar Sresth s/o Sri Sanjay Kumar (Address: c/o M/s Sarika, Purulia Road, Near Xavier’s College, Ranchi, Jharkhand, Pin-834001) was residing in Boys Hostel No. 1 in 2016-17. He was a student of I year, Electronic & Communication Engg. in our college and his Roll No. was 164048. The Mobile Nos. of Kumar Sresth is: 08195965094 and his father is 09431362411 as per hostel records. Now, Mr. Kumar Sresth has been sending me abusive and threatening messages in my face-book messenger since 1st April 2018 and trying to video call me. Messages and call hard copy attached herewith. His message and call detail is as under: Date Activities 01/04/2018 Sent abusive massage 07/07/2018 Sent abusive Threatening massages and 10/07/2018 Abusive massages 11/07/2018 Abusive massage 24/07/2018 Abusive massage and Video Call 06/08/2018 Abusive massages Due to this, I with my family is disturbed and mentally harassed. My office work also suffers. My life is totally unsafe along with my family from him. He can do anything as his behavior is not good. So, it is requested you to kindly take strict action against him and register the case. Dr. Devanand Uttam HOD & Associate Professor Department of Textile Engineering
Dear sir , Ye abhi verma mirzapur me vansrash city me rahta hai . Ye girls ki post par galat gande cmt karta hai or unhe blackmail karke pareshan karta hai or unko dhamki deta hai . Jab Maine use warn kiya to isne mujhe galiya Di or dhamki bhi diya . Maine iski sari details aapko mail kar diya hai or proof bhi send kar diya hai . I hope ki aap jald se jald complaint fir darz karke social meadia abuse froud ke case me ise arrest kar lenge. Thanks. -cyber crimes unit Mumbai
Hello sir , I am an indian citizen i have been receiving abusive messeges on my social media account from one of the nepali citizen , he is currently residing in USA and with her sister . actually the thing is her sister is harrasing me in my life n relation because of which i got lot of problem , i made a complaint regarding this in nepal embassy and they took my complain as well apart of that just to ask them and clear the mess they created i ask them but these people were running away i put a post on my social media account regarding them now when there people asking and questioning them regarding post so this people are troubling me saying we will not leave you do complain and stuff but the thing is i already made a complain to US embassy nepal embassy and nepal police station too . please sir just look after this matter and help me out. Thanks shoaib
Saali bc kutiya , shakal Dekhi hai apni, saali fatichar kahi ki , bc spice jet main naaliya saaf karti hai aur gandi gandi videos daal kar ladko ko phassati hai bc shakal dekhi hai apni tuney kabhi, bc rakhi sawant bhi tere se achi lagti hogi, na shakal na surat kutiya ki murat .aur bc mere se barabari karne ki soch rahi hai tu , tu saali meri tatti ki bhi Barbari nahi karti, saali tu toh mari hui kutiya ki tatti ke keede jaise shakal hain teri, tujhe kya laga tha tu mujhe gaaliyan dekar block kar ke shaanti se baith jaaygei, saali . AUR SUN SAALI DO KAUDI KI APNI AUKAT AUR APNI HESIYAT DEKH KAR ITNA BHOK SAMJHI NA RANDI SAALI. SAALI VEELI TUKE SE LAG GAYI ACHI COMPANY,AB AUKAT HAI TOH ISS SE AAGE BHADKAR DIKHA , DIKHA BC ISS SE UPAR WAALE LEVEL PAR JAKAR, TUM JAISE CHAMAR YAHI TAK REH SAKTEY HAI SAALE GANDI NAALI KE KEEDE, BHUNDI SHAKAL KI, SAALI SHAKAL KI NA SURAT KI KUTTEY KI MURAT KI . From this num.+974 77203751
Hello, on the morning of 19th July 2018, my sister was bombarded with this message that called her a whore and he further said that he would be really satisfied to read a rape story next time. He ended the message saying she deserved a cruel death. I have the screenshots of the same too. His insta profile is - best_0001_ Please take concerned actions

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