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Harrasment by random people repeatedly due to one girl

Complain Detail:-> There is a girl named shraddhaa, she is a boy's girlfriend whom I knew once bt I am not in contact with him since 3 years or more. She has been repeatedly harrasing me since the time I spoke to that boy. She texts my friends randomly using defamatory sentences. Gives my number to random boys and girls and asks them to call me at odd times to enusre my fone is not busy or to confirm whether m talking to her boyfriend or not. I have made it clear 1000 times to her that I hve not contact with him she is a psychopath who is not ready to understand. I don't know what she wants from .me she is continuously stalking me over all social media and leaking my phone no and images to unknown boys and girls. I receive video calls , voice calls texts from unkwn boys and girls after every 2 days. She makes my fake ids texts my relatives friends. Even she took my office people.s numbers from fb or I don't know where to know my new numbers when I changed my numbers due to her. She approached my manager and director calls them too at odd times and texts false statements and allegations on me . I compained about her once before but the matter is still not closed . I am really in need of help pls help to get my mental peace in life. She has been defaming and harrasing me since 3 years . She has done alot to me I can't even explain. Please help me to get rid of her . I have just uploaded one screenshot of random3 people who video called me late night.i have more also I am unbale to upload. I have all the screenshots with me

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